How to render two different scenes in the same project?

I am working on a project that has a video editing part plus requires a small 3D render with simple objects.
Whenever I press F11 or F12, it solely renders the video editor scene.
How do I render the 3D model?

You want to mix a scene with a video, right? You have to add the scene to the sequencer.
There is one weird to do this, you have to copy or link your scene before you can add it in the sequencer. Must be a glitch from old blender days i guess. Dont know why to to so.

Take a look at such a tutorial:

thanks a lot, I’ll look into it. Since it seems a complicated thing however, and the project I was working on was incredibly simple, I decided to create a new file/project with just the 3D part, so I have to separate projects each for its own purpose.
Again, thanks for helping :smile: