How to Render Video W/Transparent Background

I made an animation in Blender. I tried rendering it in RGBA and selecting ‘draw image with RGB colors and Alpha transparency’ thinking this would give me a transparent background for the animation. When I rendered it, they’re appeared to be a transparent background in the Blender window (it had the gray and white checkerboard), but when I played it back in Sony Vegas, it had a gray background. How do I make it to have a transparent background?

P.S. I rendered it in ‘Raw AVI’ format.

You want to have a format that can have an alpha channel. For animation the Quicktime Animation codec does. Overall though the best practice is to render as an image sequence such as .png or .tiff then bring the image sequence into your video editor. Raw AVI is just an intermediate format so you shouldn’t be using it for your render unless you plan to do further post processing with the compositor in blender. Even tent an image sequence would be preferable.

Is there a way to get Quicktime Animation codec in Blender?

I’m on a Mac so it’s just there by default, it may not be there for other operating systems. As I said render as an image sequence then if you want QT animation codec just put it through Quicktime outside of blender

I think it’s transparent by default. If it is not, when you put it into your editing software, just chromakey out whatever color the background is.

Quite obviously, I’m new. How do I even make a new forum post?

OK thanks. I ended up putting together each still frame in Sony Vegas and rendering it out as one clip. Thank you again for your advice!