How to render video with sound??

Okay so what im trying to do is render a video in blender to play on a screen, i already have everything working except sound how do i enable the sound or will it come automatically?? I dont want to render it yet if there are some settings on sound that i have missed. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

In the Render / output panel set the desired format and then in the Encoding panel set the video and audio codec and settings

okay what am i supposed to changed exactly? i chose mp3 as audio codec, and the movie im playing is mp4 i that makes any difference. What else am i supposed to do to get sound. I just rendered it and the video was fine but the sound was missing.

Here is a pic of those settings:

Using those settings works fine for me. Try another application to play back the rendered animation.
How are you loading the sound ?
Does the sound play in the video editor window ?
Check audio settings in the scene settings to ensure volume is not zero

alright i now ran it through windows media player, windows live movie maker, and xbox video application and they all showed the video and everything fine but no sound, also I tried several other music files and video files in all of these apps mentioned and they all played sound perfectly. the volume in the scene settings are 1.000 you can also see that in the picture i posted in my previous reply.

so is there anything else i should try???