How to render what I see in the texture view

I apologize for what I’m sure is an incredibly stupid question. I’ve just picked up Blender this weekend, wanting to map a 2d texture onto a plane and manipulate it with sculpt mode. I got it roughly where I want it, but when I go to render, the render view displays with a blown out, nearly entirely white image. What I see in texture view is what I’d like to export, however, so if anyone knows how to do that, or how to fix what’s happening in the render view I’d appreciate it.



Try OpenGL Rendering

You can share .blend file with us. Before doing that, you should make sure to pack the textures in .blend file (File > External Data > Pack all into .blend, and then save .blend file with a different name to share with packed textures)

As a footnote, you are using Blender Render engine, which will be discontinued in later versions. It is advisable that you start learning Cycles engine.