How to render with yafray??

I just installed Yafray 0.0.9 (had to use the old version as the new one wasn’t compatible with my old Mac), and …nothing happened. It doesn’t give me the option to use Yafray as the render engine, so what do I do to get Blender to use Yafray?

Blender 2.49 no longer uses yafray as it is now no longer in development. If you really want to use it you will have to install an old version of blender. There are links to old versions on the blender download page.


Ah, good to know. Is there a current equivalent out there? I really only wanted to use so that I would have the option to pause the renders…

yafaray is what you should mean, it is integrated as a python exporter, it cannot pause renders, and it can be a pain to install.

luxrender is the only renderer i know of that can pause renders, and it is quite easy to install.

Not sure about pausing renders… but yafaray (note the extra ‘a’ :yes:) is the current yafray equivalent. Its a completely rewritten version of yafray, removing some of the problems that caused the originals development to cease.

You could also look at if you are interesting in renderers that do more than just ‘hit start, wait till finish’

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