How to repeat a pattern on a surface ?

(Hadriscus) #1

Hey hi everyone,

I am trying to set up a material that repeats a pattern (simple image texture) over the surface of the object in a random way. The problem is I can’t seem to succeed in duplicating the pattern : I can map it anywhere with the mapping node but there will always be only one instance of that image, whereas I’d want a thousand of them, small, big, rotated, scattered across the surface. Any ideas ?



(CarlG) #2

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen “texture bombing” or “texture scatter” in these forums, but I can’t find anything right now.
Best thing I can think of is map it using several mapping nodes with various scales and rotations, and then some clever nodesetup to choose between them using noise as input.

(JA12) #3

These might be useful references

(Secrop) #4

sometime ago I needed something similar… I came out by using a voronoi and a bump node and somehow use this as an UVmap… this is a very simple version of it:

(Hadriscus) #5

@Secrop, it works fine ! The only downside is the images can’t overlap one another, I’ll have to fiddle with your setup to try and upgrade it, if I can. Thanks a lot.
@JA12 an existing implementation will go a long way in supporting my case. Thanks. :slight_smile: