how to repeat a texture over a plane?

I´m having a little problem with textures.I made a long plane to be the floor from a tunnel I made.Then,the texture got really ugly due to automatic scaling to fit the plane :frowning: I had to split the plane in 3, fixing partially the texture scaling(if I want the original texture size I would need more planes).Is there a way to set a texture size and repeat it all over the plane? I know blender can do it since I saw a weaker program do that.


Select your plane, press F, press A until all the faces are selected, and then in the UV image editor press A a few times untill everything is selected.
Press S and scale it up.

That is it… just scale it bigger then the UV texture window and it will automatically tile for you

That is, if you’re using UV texturing. If you’re just using it as an image texture channel, right in the texture panel of the image, you’ll see two little inputs for X-Repeat and Y-Repeat, you can repeat the texture however many times you want in each direction.

Woa ! Nice :D. God bless you guys.Now I can reduce the polycount of my level.