How to repeat this material in easy way?

here is an example of them
I understand that there was a huge amount of similar topics, but I ask for any help. I want to know how to make a material with the same roughness and reflections. By “easy way” I mean that so my weak old PC could edit and render it. I’d be glad to accept any help and advices.:eek:

Have you got a better image than that - it’s awfully small?

But it looks like powdercoated metal. If so - i’d probably go with something like this as a starting point:

Looks nice! Thank you very much for your reply!

  1. Not truly volumetric - since there is nothing in the volume slot. However cycles supports per-shader bump mapping which can give the appearance of depth (see another example below). By bump mapping the bottom shader - then putting a smoother shader over the top - it gives a volumetric appearance to the lower shader and looks like it has a glossy top coat overlaid. This is the trick I have employed here.

  2. Depends on how you UV map the tube.

Are these full “intsructions”? I’m asking beacuse after repeating it i’m not getting similar results, but still thank you

Yes - if you have copied the node group exactly as shown (including all the numbers) - you should get the same result.

Can you post a picture of what you are seeing - might help us to suggest what is going wrong.

Get rid of the color ramp,and connect the voronoi directly to the bump. That did the trick for me.

Whilst it will still work - the bumps will have a different profile. The colour ramp allows you control over the shape of the bumps.

Your nodes are wrong.

In your first image - your bump node normal output should be connected to the red glossy normal input. Instead you have the colour ramp plugged into the glossy normal input - which is causing your jet black appearance.

In your second image - You have the colour ramp plugged into the “Normal” slot - not the “height” slot in your upper Bump node.

Also - your environment in both scenes appears to be just a black sky and white ground with a sun lamp. Glossy materials depend on a more detailed environment as they need something to reflect. Try using a HDRI environment map - there are plenty of free ones around.

Almost, but even too rough, your more smooth =P

P.S. I added a HDRI map as you said
P.P.S I did your scheme twice second was for screenshot and was wrong, but first correct and still not close to you result

If it’s too bumpy for your liking - simply reduce the strength of one or both of your bump nodes. Try 0.25 for the undercoat and 0.1 or 0.05 for the glossy top coat.

Failing that - if you upload your .blend file I can take a look tonight.

Awesome! Great human thank you! So, what about the black one? :o

i’ll post something up for the black one a little later - I have a couple of ideas, mixing a diffuse with a couple of glossy shaders to give you the sharp glossy look but with the more diffuse blueish bloom visible in that pic.

Ok - try this for the black material. If you won’t want the noisy scratches/buffs or want to do your own - remove everything to the left of the glossy nodes (i.e. the add node, colour ramp etc).

Here is what I got with your nodes. I think it’s cool, but it looks figured instead of a little scratched. Could you also tell me how to make it scratched as on my (up) ref photo, please?

Yep - my procedural was just an approximation. To get proper looking scratches - you’ll probably need to try an image texture (ensuring that your object is properly UV unwrapped).

Try this texture in the node setup below (tweak the gamma nodes to make the scratches appear more or less severe - but always make sure the gamma node plugging into the blue glossy has a lower value the other).

Dear Moony, what exactly you have learned to understand how to make such mats? And can I ask for some contacts of yours to contact you with questions? :o

Nah, that’s ok. You helped me like no one before you, thank you so much again

Did the last node setup work? I’d be interested to see the end result.