how to replace a serie of mesh


How can I do that.
On this screenshot I got 15 meshes.

I modified the “mesh_0” removing verticles and rename it for my example “modified mesh”.
How can I replace all the others meshes

the “modified mesh”

I want all the mesh to be replaced by the “modified mesh” one.

Thank you

Select all the objects you want to change, shift select the new object so it is the active object then Ctrl+L / object data. If you want to make each one a single user select all and U / object & data


In fact all the object were imported and not duplicated.
Then “Ctrl+L / object data” doesn’t work.
How could I replace all the object by the “modified_mesh”

FYI after “Ctrl+L / object data” the object dissapear from the view ?

Where are your objects’ origins? My guess is when you link the object data, the new objects will be found at their respective centres.

Try doing ‘Origin -> Origin to Geometry’ for all the objects before linking the object data.

It works now thanks