How to replace all unchanged (or all) duplicates to linked objects?

Hello, I have a pretty heavy scene and I was thinking about linking optimization. How much more resources a duplicate requires than a link?
And is there a way to replace all duplis with links?

It depends of how dense the mesh is, I suppose.
Select all duplicates and then last select the object you want to link and press CTRL+L and choose object data.

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I do that often and wrote a script that links objects based on their names. You select objects like object_a, object_b etc. and it will look for object_a.001, object_b.001 and link them to selected. Just run it from text editor in blender.

import bpy

C = bpy.context
unselectable = []

for lib in C.selected_objects:
        counter = 0 = lib
        for o in
                if in
                    counter += 1
            except RuntimeError:
        print("Linked",, "with", counter, "objects.")

for uo in unselectable:
    print(, "is unselectable.")

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Thanks guys, I saved your code.