HOW to replace an imported STL mesh in a blend file with another one

Hi there,

I can import from a folder called FOLDER_1; severall STL files in order to create a scene_1.
Lets say all the STL files from FOLDER_1 represent 360° revolve objects.
naming files like STL1,STL2, etc…
Then save this 360° Blend file

NOW I need to replace in the same scene_1 the previous STL1,STL2… with 270° revolved objects STL1,STL2…saved in a different folder FOLDER_2

the STL files before and after replacement must keep their same position and size etc… in the scene.

Would it be possible to automaticaly (script) replace the 360° STL flies in the scene by the 270° STL files.
I would get save the 270° Blend file
Thanks for your help.