How to replace Mac runtime icons

It really is easy. All you need to do is download this.
Then go into Gimp or something else to make a custom icon.
Save your icon in any format you want (png if you have alpha).
Then open img2icns.
Click on the option “folder icon.”
Set your desired output directory.
Drag the image you made into the box.
BOOM! It creates a folder with that icon!
Find that folder, then click once to highlight it and hit command-c.
Go to the Blenderplayer and highlight it.
Press command-i.
Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the box and hit command-v.
The custom icon is now the Blenderplayer icon.
Now go into Blender and open up your game.
Save it as a runtime.
It will now have the custom icon!
To change the Blenderplayer icon back, highlight Blender, then press command-c.
Then press command-i on Blenderplayer and click the icon again. Press command-v, and it is back to normal.
Changing it to normal will not affect the runtime’s icon.
The reason you can’t change the runtime’s icon directly is because it won’t let you.

Trust me, this program is extremely simple.


Note that the last two are just folder icons I made. Nothing with Blenderplayer. The first one is my Pong game, which I never released the runtime for due to unnecessary size.


Actually, I think if you just press command ‘i’ you can drag your image to the icon picture and replace it.


@Yournamehere: That only replaces the icon for that user. If you publish it will not be there.

You can also use icandy (I think that’s what it’s called) to replace them.