How to replace sound with other sound?

I’m trying to edit a video and I’m adding new sound. Although, the original sound still plays when I put it in a different layer, and it won’t let me put it on the same layer as it will overlap. I tried to select a region of the sound strip and silence it, but I can’t find how. I looked in options, and whatnot. If there’s a way to do anything I just listed, (silencing, select regions) please tell me.

You can keyframe its volume
Go to frame
Set volume in clip properties
Keyframe volume by RMB on volume setting or press I with cursor over volume value
Go to another frame and repeat

Following what Richard Marklew said, that is why the default VSE layout includes the f-curve editor window at the top. SO you can change the fade length of an audio mix.

Also remember to click the “Refresh Sequencer” button after you make changes to the audio keyframes, as they may not get replayed correctly otherwise.