How to replicate a node?

I really like the shading that this nodes enables and I was wondering if someone can tell me how to replicate this. I don’t know a whole lot at all about nodes and this is why I am asking for help. I understand a bit how they work but I am not sure how I would go about to replicating this effect or even applying it to the render. (I would just make mine orange-yellow instead)

note: I did try to put the node into a group and then copy it (via shift+f1) but it didn’t work for me. Attached is the object in question
EyeDemo_Finish.blend (446 KB)

If you want to reuse a node in another blend file then you would place it in a group like you have already done. Then in the new .blend file you must append the node from the original file. If you want to reuse the group node in the current .blend file then press a key to add and scroll to the bottom of the list to find all or any group nodes.

Or select the nodes, Ctrl-C to copy, open new file, Ctrl-V to paste.

If I try what 3pointEdit said then it copies the whole head with nodes (I would like to apply the nodes to my own mesh) and what Bartek Skorupa said makes sense too but it too doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

dude, its two nodes. :confused:

just add two material nodes with a colour value : hex# cccccc make one a toon shader, specular at 1 and the other an oren-nyer shader with phong specular set to 0.226 and mix them.

Yes it is but it is a bit complicated to setup and apply not sure how to apply the nodes once I make them, please forgive me I don’t know much about nodes at all.

What release version of blender are you using?

me neither, nodes are too complicated. material modes are assigned just like regular materials. select the object and select the material that you want for that object. if you want different materials on your object then you go into edit mode and select the vertices that you want and choose your material and click assigne.

nodes just give you more control over how the material is built. so you can build a material that is a mix of other images and materials, which would be impossible just using the material panel. and as long as the node has an output then it will render just fine

I use 2.64 version, should I dl a new one?

Thank you Small Troll for that info!

it depend on what you are doing, there are some cool new features and the copy/paste of nodes that Bartekskorupa suggested is only available in 2.66 but 2.64 is a good reliable build as it is.

I will update my Blender and try to find some good node tutorials, I guess it was wrong to think to even start from someone’s finished node setup. Thank you all!