How to replicate Boring3d look in Blender

Very new to blender, but an average max user many moons ago. I’m hoping someone can help me replicate a look similar to

In particular how to replicate the grass and the clouds.

I achieved it in 3dsMax quite a number of years ago, and would like to get an old project off the ground again. Here are a couple of examples below.

Hope someone can help someone get back into a project using Blender.


for the grass you could use an emmitor object instead of hair particles, and for the clouds you could use metaballs, which meld together depending on proximity.
also there appears to be some focal blur and subsurface scattering involved.

Thanks Modron, much appreciated. I’ll look those up around the forums for examples. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

sorry i should have said you can parent a mesh ( like a blade of grass ) to your particle emmitor. sorry if that was unclear.
basically using a mesh object in place of particles.