How to report blender 2.8 crash?

I experience all of a sudden crash of Blender 2.8. I am actually doing nothing and it closes.
I would like to report it properly.
Could you tell what and what do I send?
Where are crash related files?
Thank you!

First try the current beta download to make sure it’s still a problem.

You can use the “Report a Bug” option in the Help menu. That will take you to the web page and fill in your version and operating system information automatically.

There’s also a “Save system info” option in the same menu that will create a text file you can attach to the report, and include your .blend file if it’s necessary to reproduce the problem.

To make a useful bug report you really need to have a reproducible sequence that a developer can use to see the problem and identify the cause. If you just say “it crashes a lot when I’m modeling” or whatever then there’s not much they can do.

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another thing you need to do, is check and see if maybe it was already reported.

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I understand that this method is for filing bug report that developers can reproduce.
But my crash happens without no particular reason, just Blender disappears from the screen.
I was thinking that maybe there is some kind of system info file that records the crash itself and circumstances when it happens.
Thank you!

Where do I check it? Thanks!

You will see a small button, or link to get you started.

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Thanks! Will check it out.