How to report this jpg related crash bug?

I never reported this crash bug which seems to come from some kind of either unsupported .jpg feature or somewhat corrupted .jpg file. Reason for no report is the file came from a customer and shows identifiable name, so I don’t want to post this anywhere public - besides it’s the only time it’s happened to me and I was able to locate and work around it at the time. And I can’t sensor it either because any edit and resave will make the file good again (which was my workaround).
It shows up in file browser and image editor and seem to work with Eevee. But anything Cycles will insta crash Blender, both now in Linux and back then on Windows. I can also view and edit the file in other software without any warnings showing up. This was from a fairly old project (jan 2017) so I had the bug already in 2.7x but tested it in 2.82 official and it still crashes Blender. It also crashes with 2.83 2020-03-19 07:26 which is the latest version I have. Reason I ask is because someone else recently have crash issues with only one suspect file. Also, I’m not able to access right now.

So, how to proceed to report this?

There’s no point reporting it if you can’t provide others with steps to reproduce the error. A bad file crashing the software is not necessarily a bug either.

I have no problems sending the file directly to a developer. I just don’t want to have it in the open on where anybody can access it. It could be a stock photo they sent to us, I don’t know. To reproduce, it would be open blend file, render, crash. Considering no other software I’ve tested it on complains about the file, I figure there must be something in it that causes Cycles (works in Eevee) to crash.

We are supposed to report all crashes. It’s not like I signed some NDA for this project (I did for others), but I’d prefer to keep it off public reach.