How to report trolling?

A member on these boards has now in several threads, over the course of the last few months, repeatedly attacked me with accusations that border on slander (and paranoia). I have had a PM talk with him to find out why, and basically found out he hates me because of my opnions on Blender. He seems to think I am voicing ‘disrespect’ because I have some views on the lack of movie packages.

It is now reaching the level where I feel this guy should be reported for his repeated and unfounded lambasting. I cannot tell if he simply needs to rage against me, or if he is trying to push my buttons for his own amusement, but I feel that he is deliberately attacking me. It is not spam, because I generally avoid threads he posts aggressively in, but logically I will not stay out of every single thread I see his posts in. Lately, he went on a rampage against me in a thread where the starter explicitly and by name asked me to post my opinions.

What are my options?

Hi Cognis,

The red dot at the bottom of a post is for reporting (to the moderators) that it contains spam or abuse. You could also put this person on your “Ignore” list (User CP > Buddy/Ignore Lists).


Thanks! Still hoping it doesnt come to it, but now I know if it does…

Yeah, that’s Blackboe. He’s had that “online personality” from day one so he’s been pretty consistant/persistant. Everybody else seems to have dealt with it by ignoring him where necessary. Just think of it as communicating with one of those anoying bots you can find on the web and waste your time away going round and round in circles.


I didin’t mention him by name, just to avoid making things worse. But it’s good to know it is not just me getting paranoid with age :o. I think he has a lot of good posts, too, but whenever I mention certain things, he just seems to fly into a rage. I may be a bit too sensitive about his snide remarks, but dammit… some good threads got shot down by that.

Anyway, I’ll just try and see if it a temporary thing. I don’t want to run around in circles if I cannot at least lose a few pounds on it :). And I have seen worse. Just… argh! :ba:

Well, you should report it to a mod, which you have and then they should ban him for two weeks.

Thats according to another mod on this site!

I’ve voted to give you a “warning” only, but apparently the “ban” people are right?!
You’re already “here” again, with a nice “face” ( lovely), claiming that you can’t express yourself freely…
Please, consider to keep focus on Blender?!

Hey Iti, I tried to PM you but it’s blocked. Sorry you got a troll in your garden. The PM I wanted to send to you is below, and it kinda applies to everyone, so here is my wish for everyone:

Happy New Year!
Dear Friends:

Just thinking of all of you and wanting to wish you a special and Happy New Year. I know we have been through a LOT of unexpected changes/crap/disruption this 2007 that we will be glad to leave behind.

I have faith and know that I will deal with it in 2008 and rebuild my happiness. I am heartened by your friendship and communication in these Elysiun forums. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this boat afloat (and not drowning) “in a sea of troubles”.

So, as we enter 2008, let’s make a toast to let 2007 all be in the past, and deal with 2008 with a fresh perspective, a new start, and try to not let other people interfere with our enjoyment of the New Year.

Happy New Year!

I got it PapaSmurf and sent you a reply, thanks…you probably didnt get it.

Anyway to continue on.

Oto: I am not trying to cause trouble, I would like some answers to my questions on the other post here. Oh the face you mention, is one of the dolls I painted, I use them for my avatars, and for creating textures for my models. I was going to write a tut to share that with others, its pretty easy to do.

If you do it for one, you must do it for all. There are favorites here and you know that. Anyway, this is what I wanted to add:

Ok, so look at this:

From the email I received when I joined:

If you have any further questions about the website or the forum, please don’t e-mail us, but post in the ‘Website & Forum’ forum in the support section.
Thanks again for registering at Blender Artists Forums!
All the best,
Blender Artists Forums

That is this forum, correct?

And this is the forum agreement:

Forum Rules
Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the ‘I agree’ checkbox and press the ‘Register’ button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.
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  1. I requested help from the mods to stop flames via pms, it never happened. I was told to put them on my ignore list.

  2. I was banned for saying someone was an idiot in a pm. AFTER they were rude to me in a post.

  3. The above rules say you may delete threads for whatever reason. I agree, completely.

  4. They do not say you will be banned for speaking your mind in a PM or speaking in kind in a PM.

  5. No place does it say you will be banned for having duplicate accounts? Which is very interesting. Because I know for a fact the mods know of others, who have duplicate accounts, yet the dups are not banned. Why?

Its time for the mods to come out of the closed doors, put the Laws in writing, and post them.

Then follow them for all members, not just some.

You can read the trolling thread here for more info.

Did you do this?

My favorite new type of troll are the guys posting false information about things not working, or being sub-standard.

It would be nice as a user to have a “black list” of people you do not want to post in your threads.It would put an end to a person being able to stalk another person… Perhaps make it automatic, so if you add then to your Ignore list, it automatically blocks them from posting in your threads, or sending you PM’s.

Mmph! I thought the moderators already answered you in your own thread on the subject?

I do seem to remember something like that CD, been a while though :smiley: