how to reproduce the maxwell multilight feature ?

Hello ! I was wondering if someone here knows if it is possible to reproduce the maxwell multilight feature with blender while keeping the 32bit depth intact all the way ? For example is it possible to produce an exr out of an interior that can be used to tweak the light’s in the scene without re rendering every time ? Perhaps in the compositor ?

Currently there is a very nice plugin for photoshop from nextlimit that allows some heavy duty stuff with 32bit proprietary format from nextlimit

Right now, the main thing you can do is render out multiple .exr files with different sets of lamps enabled in each of them, to enable and disable the lamps, just unplug the shader input from the output node.

As a bonus, the lower number of lamps activated at once will mean that more samples will be available for the ones that remain, which means the lighting results will converge in fewer samples than otherwise needed.

I take it that in the compositor I can also change the individual exposure for each lamp if I use the method you indicated ?

Would the method still work if I save a multilayer exr file with full 32bit color information out of blender and take it into photoshop with the pro exr plugin from fnord ?