how to rescale the environment background texture ?

I was wondering if a camera moves, and one uses an environment texture, is it possible to adjsut the scale of the ‘virtual’ sphere in which the image is projected ?. Sometimes the images are not on the right scale.
I tried to rescale them with the node to rescale textures, as woould work with normal but textures on objects. but it didnt seam to work for me on the environment ‘sphere’, i say ‘sphere’ because i dont the right word for it, perhaps its horizon.

PS, i dont want a flat image pane that wouldnt work out nice with camera movement / shadows.

The answer is no. :frowning:
if the camera moves, than the enviroment point of view changes, and you need another enviroment map. or an animated enviroment map that follows your camera movement.

There are some tricks to work this around, but not very precise… Like having simple objects mapped with your enviroment with some specific projection, but these methods still don’t work well if your camera moves too much.

as for the word, ‘sphere’ or ‘spherical’ are quite understandable :slight_smile: (panoramical and equirectangular are sometimes also used) . Horizon is a bit more relative… can be a world horizon, a view horizon, or even something else that separates top from bottom.