How to resize modal popups (NOT properties or tools-like panels)

Hello there,
(Note that this question in not related to UI panels like Tools and Properties, which you can resize with ctrl - middle mouse roll)
I’m trying to use this template script addon here which creates a modal popup when I go into script editing:

on pressing “addon template generator” a modal popup appears:

but as you can see it’s all cropped and difficult to read. Is there a way to enlarge it? Or by modifying user preferences?
Every panel like this always opens up cropped…
I’m on Blender 2.79, Mac Os X Sierra.
Thank you in advance.

i think it is using the width defined by the variables in the script

ae you talking about pop up window script as such
or window in general like in the tool panel ?

happy bl

No, not the tools panel or like that. Only this modal popup. Like this:

this is the tissue addon modal that comes with blender 2.79. It’s clearly cropped…
Maybe a scaling problem with high density (retina) screens?

have not use that one a lot
but I think it has the width it was designed for!

why do you says it is cropped ?

happy bl

You were right.
They have the width they gave them when they were designed.
Here in the addon, line 195:

def invoke(self, context, event):
    return context.window_manager.invoke_props_dialog(self, width = 400, height=500) # returns {'RUNNING_MODAL'} and calls execute() when 'OK' button is pressed

changed width to 800 and now I’ve got:

It changed to double the width. I have a retina screen and this way it fits much better. :eyebrowlift: