How to resolve gap?

Hi there, im modeling a basic human character and upon doing so forgot to save at regular intervals… bigest mistake ever because now i somehow deleted some verticies i shouldn’t have and now there is a gap in my mesh! :open_mouth: all i could figure out is how to merge them but it dosnt merge properly it just makes it all at one point :S is it possible to get it back to how it was? here is a picture of what i did :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you in advance


You can create faces by selecting 4 verts/ 2 edges and pressing the F key.
Another way would be to exture edges in, so select the gap, press E and then S to scale.

Alternatively you can select 2 points at opposite sides of the hole and press f to make a line. Now use K or W to subdivide the line until it has the same number of sections as faces you are missing. Repeat for each edge that crosses the hole, ‘stitching’ across and then filling the gaps between the edges.