How to resolve Python conflict ?


What would be the best suggestion for fixing the following version conflict ?

I have got Pyscripter installed, but recently it would no longer run and gave me an error message and crashed on running. I reinstalled Pyscripter but it made no difference (I dont know what I did or installed that broke Pyscripter)

Anyway I fixed the Pyscripter problem by adding the following lines to my WinXP environment variables
PYTHONHOME = C:\Python25
PYTHONPATH = C:\Python25\Lib;C:\Python25\DLLs;C:\Python25\Lib\lib-tk

No doubt you can guess the next problem :(, this fix breaks Blender 2.5, Blender now crashes on running, presumably it is expecting a Python 3 version and it gets hijacked and sees Python 2.5 instead ?

Can anyone suggest a tidy fix for this please ?

Regards Geoff