How to resolve these edges

Hi, I’m trying to make these edges nice and hard, but I cannot find anything to do with the edges after they leave this shape. If I bring the edge around the object it may throw off the curve. Probably not enough to make a difference. But also the way I have been doing it I cannot put a texture on it because it distorts. I resolved this with a bit of a hack, I assigned the material to the entire part and had the texture UV mapped to the area I wanted. This doesn’t seem like the right way to do it.

Try something more like:

Hi Okidoki, thanks for the response. If I do that I get rounded corners, In the version I have the corners are a lot sharper. I think there has to be at least 2 verts at each corner. You did say something “like this” so maybe I’m missing something.

You are on the right path. Make a ring select of those small edges around your holeE and try edge grease (shift- E). The weight is shown in Item: Transfom (rigth upper corner) with Mean Bevel Weight.

Here is a little technique I’ve been working on, great for flat surfaces, I’m trying to figure out how to use it on curved surfaces but standard blender doesn’t have face constraints and I’m always left with pinching. I’m thinking more topology in such areas.

Here is an example and also an alternate which leaves extra loops running through the mesh which could complicate things depending on the mesh/ model.

I think that looks good. Thank You. It makes the corners nice and sharp. What I have here is a curve and sort of a crease that runs out the bottom of the hole. Could you tell me what face constraints are? What would you recommend as far as putting a bump map on this object? As I mentioned in the first post I kind of worked around the subdivisions by applying the material to a larger area.

@Okidoki I was intending to use extra edges rather than creases.

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Face constraints, maybe wrong terminology, think of edge slide but instead sliding a vertex along an edge, allows vertex sliding in any direction over a face whilst maintaining the underlying topology, most useful for adding detail on curved surfaces.

The example topo above on a curved suface would result in pinching but could be solved with either snap to face or shrinkwrap modifier.

Oh, yeah I’ve been in situations where that could have been helpful.

Here you mean, use the same geometry but place the vertices with snap to face… and snap to what face because you would be moving the vertices at that face, unless you duplicate the object and do it that way.

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