How to restart simulation like in old v 2.79?

I worked a long time in Blender 2.79 and the new Updates are great but for someone like me it was a pain in the *** that they changed so many keymaps … but anyway

After I changed the setting to start animation with Alt + A like the old Blender, I noticed that when I move the “Flow” Object of the Smoke Simulation, the simulation doesnt change the position ? In the old Version everytime I moved the object and pressed Alt + A, the Simulation begun where the Object was. How I can activate that ?

I heard that you can do it when you change a setting and the simulation will start again, but that’s a joke?! There really have to be a possibility like in the old Version with free bake everytime you restart the Animation?
When I remember right you could even change the setting while the smoke was simulating.

Do you even read what I wrote? It’s not about keymaps but to restart the simulation if you move the Flow object

Sorry, misread the changed part.

I wasn’t able to find any settings to do this automatically like before. The Modular cache type using Bake/Free Data isn’t visual, so I’m guessing that’s not a solution either.

To make up for my earlier mistake, I’ve figured out how to replicate this with Python. The one wrinkle is that you’d have to select your domain object and click a button in the addon to set the active domain for the playback restarts. Let me know if this is something you could use and I can write up an addon.

Just letting it cycle back to frame zero to re-sim the simulation. The old behavior is still there. With the cache in Replay, it will do as you wish.
No need for a python script, as I’ve noticed.

In 2.91.2 it doesn’t reset the Domain’s cache, even if you go back to frame 1 after moving the emitter. Something about the Domain(location, time scale, anything really) has to change or the emitter continues to emit in the old position.