How to restore old 2.49 shortcut for borderselect and brushselect

I editmode i loved the way in blender 2.49 to select “borderselect” with the first “b”-key hit and the brushselect with double “b”-key hit. Is it possible to make it the same in 2.63?
It was so much faster for me…

Any Ideas welcome:)

There is doble click option in 2.63 but i am afraid it is not working too good. It is better to not put more than 1 option under 1 button. But you have a lot of new features. You can set up B as cmd and use lets say mouse LMB and RMB buttons to take it. So you will need to hold down b and press LMB to get border select or hold down B + RMB to take brushselect or u can setup any others buttons like hold B + W. The possibilities are endless.

and here is suggested setup with B as cmd button (hold down)

Thx for your reply,

not good for my click-rhythm but might be a workaround.
Doubleclick seems only work for mouseactions:(