How to restore the "Scripts" menu in blender 2.5

When I started using blender 2.5, I noticed that quite a few export options were not available. In particular, the scripts. And there weren’t any scripts in the “Editor type” menu. The export I was looking for in particular was “Save as runtime”. In a few weeks, I stumbled upon it by coincidence, and since there weren’t any tutorials on where the scripts went, I decided to share it with you guys.

  1. Go to File->User Preferences (Ctrl-Alt-U)
  2. Click on add-ons.
    And Voila! That’s were all the scripts went.
    Here you can enable ANT landscape generator, and other mesh scripts. You can also enable the spacebar menu, and all of the old Import-Export scripts. Anything with an ! means it is still in development. However, Save as Runtime will not be under Import-Export. It’s actually under the “Game Engine” category.

Hope this helps,
Jokegred(That isn’t my real name)