How to restore user preferences after upgrade

hey guys…

I’ve just upgraded from 2.68a to 2.69 just to stumble upon incredibly frustrating issue:

all my preferences, themes, addons, settings and hotkey mappings are gone.
New version has also overrode my previous .exe file, so it seems I can’t go back to the previous version.
My question thus is: how to restore my settings? Please help…

sincerely, swene

So you didn’t see the option on the blender splash screen to copy your previous settings when you started blender 2.69. You really should start to be more observant.

New version has also overrode my previous .exe file, so it seems I can’t go back to the previous version.
Using the zip file allows you to install wherever you wish so you do not need to overwrite existing installations

Where your preferences are saved depends on your operating system. See

This happens only the first time? Why only the first time? I guess I have missed it since I went straight to the ‘load default startup file’.

Thanks for your answer, however.

For anyone that will have the same problem (Windows):

  • go to c:\users\user\appdata\roaming\blenderfoundation\blender\2.xx\config\ (where xx stands for the older blender version)

  • find the userpref.blend file

  • copy it to c:\users\user\appdata\roaming\blenderfoundation\blender\2.yy\config\ (where yy stands for newer blender version)

Stay classy.

Not the right way to do it, really. The new version might require items missing from the old prefs. And the startup file is important too.

Once you have skipped the splash screen option the first time on opening the application you can get Blender to show the option again by deleting the newest version number folder from your user/appdata/Blender Foundation folder. that’s the one that was just created, e.g. 2.69, 2.70 etc…

Now open Blender again. The application looks for current prefs, finds none (you just deleted them), sees an older version folder, and displays the “Import settings from last version?” question in the splash again. Don’t skip it this time!

Very helpful, thanks for the input!

+1 Thanks DruBan
This is good to know even for those not experiencing a problem.
I had been using 2.69 primarily while testing out 2.70RC.
When it came time to upgrade to the stable 2.70 there was already an app data folder, so I wasn’t presented with the option.
And all my preferences I wanted were in 2.69. Your explanation helped me sort it out.

For any Mac users reading this, the file path on OS X is:
~/Library/Application Support/Blender

Your solution doesn’t work. I don’t get the question on splash.
Also not only did I not skip the question before trying your solution, I didn’t get it at all to begin with, which is why I ended up in this thread.
I upgraded from 2.81 to 2.91.

To solve this I just copied everything from within “Blender Foundation\2.81” to “Blender Foundation\2.91”.

Yeah, because that post is 7 Years old.

Current solution for windows is to go to Users/User/Appdata/Roaming/BlenderFoundation/Blender

Copy the config and script (for addons) from your old version to the new version.

Hope that helps.

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It works between consecutive versions, not between arbitrary jumps in versions. This really didn’t need a 7 year old necro.