How to restrict bone rotation in a rig?

how can I restrict the rotation of a joint in an IK chain? For example an elbow joint, so that it doesn’t snap backwards and that I can only close it up to a certain limit?



hi iam no expert on these things, ive seen this recomended in these forums at some stage. here

and try this one
Gabio’s Thread


important problem ,however ,nice tutorials thank you very much.

not: i hope i can do these as soon as possible:)

imho weight painting could work. Im not sure though.

the first tutorial of dlomas gave,,this one,really different solution to the rigging problem.anyone tried?i did not understand much so did not try:)

Nobody answers the original question, if the person asking still cares. No, there is still no way to limit the rotation of bones. But maybe with the smart use of constraints you could prevent a joint to bend in undesired manner.

That tutorial is not useful for Blender, constraints are different. I am working on a tutorial on shoulders, hips, etc. for Blender, but I have not finished (nothing to do with this thread):

what about parenting armatures or bones to a path curve.this way it might be restricted??or not?i dunno ,but it sounds logical.

If theres one thing Id kill for in Blender right now, its a simple way to set rotation limits on IK rigs. Most of the other character animation problems I have in blender I can just grin and bear, but not being able to set limits drives me nuts.

Toloban: nice tute you have there… 8)

¡Gracias Señor Maléfico!

Updating soon, hopefully…

actually having the simple HPB constraining mechanism in Blender ( just like the basic one in C4D ) would be very cool. Imo the strength f blender lies in it’s speed and simplicity (and auto-enveloping of armature). having something complicated to set-up - uhmm … no, thanks.

i dont have a tut, but this blend file does have the rotation of the bones limited it takes a bit of pulling apart to se how its done, preaty much using copy rotation and an action to control its limits click download, then

ya … but it would be SOO NICE, if blender would NATIVELY offer a simple optional HPB constraint setup, e.g. available as standard numeric (N-key?) flyout. nice and simple …

but intill that is in blender you have no other way, so you might be waiting a long time