How to retopo this. Normal map planned

How would you repotologize this horn? Going over the valleys staying ontop of the hills? Or would you go into the valleys and ontop of the hills. I plan on making a normal map, but not certain if I can go over the valley staying on top when doing retopology.

Something like this…adding quads to the Basic Form… blocking out…

Both options are valid for different polygon budgets, and camera distances. If the horns are only ever quite small on screen (say, on a smaller unity in an action RPG or RTS game), you could go over the valleys and save polygons that way. Ofcourse, this way you’re missing out on the actual silhouette, which can make a big difference in a situation where it’s displayed bigger on screen!
Unless you’re on an extremely tight polygon budget, I’d definitely advise going into the valleys.

That all makes sense to me. I’ll do it that way.

thank you for showing me this. That is how I plan on doing it.

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