How to retopo this to solve edge marks

Hi, I’ve pick up an old design that I modelled back in the days of Softimage and I’m in the process of freshening it up.
Thing is that I’ve discovered how bad it renders some parts because of topology, but I can’t figure up how to solve it:

What do you guys think?

Hi, is this game model? If yes, you can go for texture the hole using alphas or you need to add more loops that should connect near by edges. If the edge stretches, it will happen.

It depends how you are going to use it. To have quads this can work for you, but blend file can be better to try. right side needs more work btw

It will eventually become a game model, but it should work for higher resolution model for rendering by using subdivision.

Nice! I’ll give it a try and report if it works, thanks.

You are welcome but it requires more work. If you are going to use with subdivs, you will need holder edges quite a lot.

You can mark thoose edges as sharp too, if they become UV islands for baking then you should mark them anyway. Avoid thoose loops going all around, instead follow some useful tips on how to cut holes into surfaces. When the faces you are going to cut into aren’t planar, subdividing them will cause that artifacts since it will create a smooth interpolation between 2 edges.

For circular cuts remember the “to sphere” function, you can find it via the quicksearch in blender. Beveling verticies is also often what you want.

A very good channel that covers almost every common topology tricks and works independet of the DCC is Arrimus3D:

Hi @canpe canpe, this is how it looks with your suggestion:

I’ll take a look at those videos @Xortag and see how I could fix this.


i can try to look into it if you share the blend file.

Hope this helps. Not much of a hard surface modeler i am :slight_smile:
spaik.blend (1.6 MB)

Turn on Auto smooth.

If you still have issues then the area is probably not flat.

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