How to retopo your mesh without losing too much detail? Any good workflow for retopology please

After sculpting a character I wonder how I could retopo without losing too much details. I learned how to do it manually and I quite like it but I am losing too much volume and the result is kinda different from the base mesh. Still look quite good but didn’t have the level of details. I learned how to retopo via blender studio. Finishing retopo manually and using the multires at the end. I am still bit of confused with this last part and the result is always 50/50.

I also tried using third party software like instamesh. One of the issue that I have is where I fues the different part of the body, it didn’t connect ine instamesh. Like a doll where the limb was detached from the whole body.

Is there a better workflow to repologise and having a good result at the end. Need help, pretty please.

Have you tried quadremesher? It’s costly but one hears good things about it: