How to retopo your mesh without losing too much detail? Any good workflow for retopology please

After sculpting a character I wonder how I could retopo without losing too much details. I learned how to do it manually and I quite like it but I am losing too much volume and the result is kinda different from the base mesh. Still look quite good but didn’t have the level of details. I learned how to retopo via blender studio. Finishing retopo manually and using the multires at the end. I am still bit of confused with this last part and the result is always 50/50.

I also tried using third party software like instamesh. One of the issue that I have is where I fues the different part of the body, it didn’t connect ine instamesh. Like a doll where the limb was detached from the whole body.

Is there a better workflow to repologise and having a good result at the end. Need help, pretty please.

Have you tried quadremesher? It’s costly but one hears good things about it:

Old post. Just curious if you ever found the answer to your question?

Nope, but I may have some idea on how to do it.

Hi, let me please link this older answer of mine here too:

In Blender you can manually retopo as your doing. Use subdivide modifier to test mesh deformation. If it looks good remove it, add multi rez modifier in its place. Set the subdivide level to 5-6 if your computer can handle it, use shrink wrap at the highest level and apply it. The details should be saved at the highest level your multirez is set to. Basically you are storing the mesh data from shrink wrap into the multirez. You can add more details then bake normal map from multirez.

Thank you so much for your help

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