How to retopologize this thing



Could anyone draw or show me the good topology for the two images above?

(FYI here is the Blend file)
Test.blend (632.0 KB)

I think everyone you ask that will give you a different answer…
I is somewhat relative to the person.
The one you shared is not bad. I usually look at it this way…If it renders well and has the least amount of vertices, edges, and faces…it’s all good!
Others may argue and that’s fine, they will have their own opinion as to topology.
As far as this one I would change it in this way, (just personal preference)

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How about this

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Plenty of ways depending on the purpose.


If you dont want to use sub-d I would not retopo this at all tbh.


I would just use the quad remesher from exoside.

Not worth the price for something this basic. (i am referring to the model, not the plugin)

Thanks all!