How to retopology without losing volume?

I do not have yet enough money to buy the retopo flow tool for now. But I still manage to get decent retopology, but my main issue is the loss of volume and some details. I followed the tutorial on blender cloud on how to apply the skinwrap and use multi res modifier but I really do not understand how it works.
Is there any simpler tip to how to retopologise without losing volume and details.

The main thing in retopology is to simplify the geometry… so it’s up to you to “read” the main forms and put the appropiate edges to the important parts… Even using retopo flow wouldn’t spare you of selecting the best possible areas… that’s the skill someone have to master to a certain minimal degree… or you just use remesh…

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Yes, as okidoki said. Also, it does matter, WHAT to retopoligize. Plains and closed shapes with even or flat surfaces are OK, but a voxel, or similar remesh will have a hard time with open shapes, trees, whatever.

Check these two software, I posted them over here:


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