How to return a animation excutable on any machine?

I am a user of blender, I have a problem, I would like to know how to return a amination excutable on any machine. Where I could gotten manual complete of blender 2.33 with downloaded.

Thanks for your help

you can render your animation to the formats supported - i.e. single image files (image sequences) or animation files (AVI, MOV). when delivering animation for amateur purposes, you’re likely to use an AVI or MOV, as it’s a single file and easy to handle. however, there’s no guarantee, that it will run on the target machine - it will need the codec installed that you used to compress the video. say you make a DivX5 avi and hand that over to a mac user without DivX installed - he won’t see it.

so you can’t make sure your animation will be viewable on every machine, make sure you tell the ppl what animation format you’re delivering so they can make sure their machine can handle that.

google for codecs and video compression to learn more.


Hello Solmax,

I’m ok and thank you for your help. I’ve another problem with the using of blender and then i would like to have a zip file of user instruction of blender in order to learn more about blender that’s why i wanna you the link or the website where can i found this zip file, on this see you.