how to reverse a bump map

I don’t know if its possible to reverse the effect of a bump map, other than reversing it in photoshop. I tried the ‘neg’ button in the textures menu, but to no avail, both in 2.37 and 2.42a

Click the NOR button in the MapTo tab twice so it’s yellow.


thanks. more thanks (to lenghten it to more than 10 characters)

more on this. I’m trying surface displacement (activated the ‘dis’ button) with a bump map. Though the bump map is simple, i get a weird elevation more complex than what I have in mind. And setting the mesh to smooth + autosmooth simply makes the effect dissappear. Any insight on this?

I advise for displacement to turn nor all the way down and nor off and just have the displacement slider above 0. You’ll also need a heavily subdivided mesh to see it in good quality (just add a subsurf modifier and set it to simple subsurf)

nf3 - What you want is best achieved with a NOR map, imo. Displacement mapping needs super-dense mesh to look anything like the map.

I, too, often find myself wanting a negative of a particular texture or image…