How to reverse image strip?

I loaded in 8500 frames from my renders - but no matter how i try to add them i get the final result in reverse. Do i have to rename my frames? is there an option to engage and activate?

In file explore after selecting add image strip i select file .001 then shift click file .8500, it adds them all. when i render it is in reverse, blender seems to select file 8500 as my first frame and then the frame 001 as my last frame.

I know i can prob reverse it in Vegas pro, but i want to learn what i am missing. thanks.

I’m not sure why it is in reverse. I tried to reproduce it but for me it works as it should.
You can try instead of selecting files manually just press ‘a’ to select them all without making an active one from any of them

Or I believe you can just select the folder and just select 001 and if imported as image sequence it will figure it out.

maybe the reason is that your first frame has 3 characters (001) in the filename while your last frame is 4 digits long and it breaks up the alphabetical order.
you can add more digits to your file name with ‘#’ character
so it should look like something like this