How to reverse subdivisions without interruption of shape?

I’m wondering how you’d reverse subdivisions on a model after subdividing a few times, without interrupting with the shape already there. im really in need of reducing a lot of vertices,thanks


2 methods come to mind:

  1. The decimate modifier
  2. The Poly Reducer script.

The Poly Reducer script ships with Blender. To run it, tab into edit mode, then, in the window header, click on mesh…scripts…Poly Reducer.

Best of Luck!

Sometimes you might get away with by removing a couple of edge loops by first selecting one (ctrl-rmb on edge) and then hitting x -> Edge Loop. It removes just the edge loop while retaining faces intact. I tend to use it pretty often.

i second what bebraw is saying, and perhaps take systematically edgeloops away like take one leave one, repeatedly not sure though, usually i dont make too many polygons and if i do its messed up totally model at that point and goes to trash. Carefully take the edgeloops out which you dont need !

Well, subdividing a few times does not sound good…the above methods are pretty much all you can do. And sadly, that is not always working out that good or requires a lot of manual adjusting.
When you model such things, always try to keep Subsurfing at the lowest level possible, with a good model you should not use more than Level 2. That way, it is not that hard to remove vertices later on and it is obviously good for the vertex count.

thanks for that.