How to rig a card based beard, brows and lashes blender to unreal 4?

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying my hand at character modeling as I’m the only modeler in a small indie team at the moment and we need some unique characters. Managed to research most subjects but when it comes to rigging facial hair to move realistically with face deformations and well, it’s been difficult. I’m using Blender 2.8 but don’t let that dissuade you from posting advice from whatever software you use as I might be able to find a similar solution.

This is the default pose and how I expect it to look.

Using the weight transfer tools and data transfer modifier the results were very poor so now I’m using two data transfer modifiers and things have improved though is still nowhere near what I wanted, I’d like the tip of the hair to no to be deformed ideally only the root should move with the skin.

This is the result of the data transfer modifier but I think I’m not going in the right direction with it because the hair is stretched.

Thanks in advance any help is greatly appreciated