How to rig a hose connected to two different objects?

Hi! I want to rig something like this robot on a picture I added. I want the hose (plastic, elastic pipe for cables) to be flexible and if upper arm rotates up or down, it should follow and bend properly. I have used NurbsCurve with few control points which have Empties as controllers with Hook modifier. For a long time ago I did somorhing like this and it worked with the only Curve. This time it does not work and I do not know what I am doing wrong. I decided to add bones with IK. Empties have object constraint - bones. I thought that as long as I can control IK and it works with target and NurbsCurve works as well, then I can join them and they will work together… but they do not work. I wanted Target to be linked to the upper arm of a robot. How to rig something like this?

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I bring you the following tutorial from long ago, on the subject of Rigging Mechanics:

The author shows you how to construct a hydraulic machine complete with flexible hoses.

And, please excuse me if this comment appears “rudimentary” to you, as it very well might. Looking at your rig you might well be far beyond this. (But the comment might still be useful to others.)


Thank You!

parent the empty you are ik targeting to the upper arm

you may actually need 2 ik targets + a driver
(for the ‘middle’ of the hose)