How to rig a humanoid robot?

I’ve been following a tutorial that helped me with rigging a character for a project. Thing is, I didn’t noticed it was only for a human character, and after searching, apparently you have to reconstruct all the bones again if you want to do anything mechanical! Is this necessary? Or can I just use the human model as a basis? Here’s the model for reference:

The model is all one object too, is that supposed to be right?

Hey; Sure you can use the humanoid rig, might have to delete some bones or lock/restrict them. As far as being one mesh - that will be a bit more work, but its doable. If this is your first time rigging I would check out DanPro’s youtube channel.

Ah, cool. Just a small question. What’s with the IK constraints? I have know idea what they do.

Keep going through DanPro’s tutorials, he explains it in several of them.