How To Rig An Arrow

Hello blendies,

I’ve made a new tutorial, my first videotutorial and it’s about rigging.
How to rig an arrow with a suctionCup. And how to make the rig to animate it efficiently.

You can see how in this 19 minutes video. It’s between videotutorial and timelaspe, so use Play and Pause, if you need.
I show how I plan my rig, how I set it up, and how I animate the arrow.


Now you can download this rig on blendswap.
Watch the tutorial and study the blend, you’ll know all of this rig.

Oh my god man! That’s an amazing tutorial you have there! I’ve been wondering lately how to do the stretching, and that setup you used to rotate the arrow was very nice! I would never think of doing that.

Thanks a lot! It really helped! :slight_smile:

Very well done