How to rig an assymetrical mesh?

Hey guys, I’m currently trying to parent an assymetrical Halo Spartan mesh to an armature I made. However, I keep getting the bone heat weighting failed to find solutions error and I am fairly sure that it is due to the fact that my mesh is not symmetrical. As such I was wondering if anyone knows how to parent the mesh to the armature with automatic weights or do I need to manually assign weights in the weight painting mode?

Before you try anything else:

Check that you have no unapplied scales or rotations on either the mesh or the armature, if you do, select armature in Object Mode, the select all the meshes, then key CTRL+A and chose “Rotation and Scale” from the popup. Then you can make sure that the mesh and the armature share a common origin, if not try that.

If the fails, we will need to see a blend file…

Cheers, Clock.