How to rig hem of shirt properly?


i have a problem. I’m working on this animation with two friends of mine (internship), and our character has a shirt on. The problem is, when he sits down the hem passes through his legs. I tried to just fix it by skinning it better, but if I the legbone influences the hem too much, the hem goes up and down all the time when he walks. How should this kind of thing be rigged/skinned/something?

here’s couple of pictures and a blend file:



probably your best bet would be to use additional bones in the armature to control the hem.

I did something similar to control the dress in this test animation I did a while ago.
the dress had four three bone chains evenly spaced to control the dress. you don’t need nearly as many.

there may be a direct weighting solution but I think this is probably the simplest way. also, unless you get creative in bone setup, you will probably now need to animate the hem by hand.

thanks, i’ll give that a try!