How to rig the face then apply to a new shape key

Blender 2.8
Object has full fig and controll on the face already.
I want to control the face once a time then apply the face to a new shape key. Dont want to Edit mode to adjust the vertex and apply a shape key.

Searched everywhere but not found any solution to apply a new shape key. Any suggestions,thanks!

By code you can access quite easyly to vertex position at end of modifier stack (I mean moved by the armature) So you could easyly use it as a new shape key, and so on…

But without coding I don’t know any solution, sorry

See you :slight_smile: ++

:joy: I have zero knowledge for the code.

Let me make sure I understand. You have a facial rig, you know how to use it, the face is weighted properly to it, you have a facial pose. You just want your pose as a shapekey instead?

Just apply the armature modifier as shapekey.

If the face is composed of multiple objects, you’ll have to do this for each of them; if some objects are bone weighted rather than armature deformed, you’ll have to use other techniques for those. If you want to keep the armature modifier, copy it before applying it as shapekey (apply the topmost copy).

OK ,got the idea.I’m trying to do it.