How to rig this way

Hello, i saw this breakdown ( 19:55 )

i was wondering if there’s a tutorial or a course where i can rig this way ( with the helps of Boolean & shrinwarp modifier & other tricks maybe ), or maybe it’s a combination of general knowledge of rigging ?

There’s also this rig

This is the kinda rigging I’m most interested in!

While there a a lot of things I don’t know how to do yet, like that mouth rig shown in the video, I have learned a thing or two about creating cartoon character rigs.

Here’s a project I’ve been working on where the characters eyes are shrink wrapped on to the head and controlled by the rig. (Note; the eyes are projected on the y axis, otherwise the eyes become very distorted.) The pupils are textures controlled by the rig using the Uv warp modifier.

Another technique for cartoon character eyes is using the lattice modifier to control the shape of the eye, this works for more then just eyes too, like the head or other things. I use this technique for making oval shaped eyes for anime styled characters, even if the eye isn’t dynamic, the lattice helps keep form.


You can also use the mesh deform modifier which is similar to the lattice but it can be any custom shape you want.

Shape keys and drivers are also important.

I’ve never understood how they do mouths like that. I guess that’s where booleans come into play. I’d love to have a greater understanding of that myself if anyone has experience in that. Another tip though to keep in mind is keep your rig very flexible, forget realism, squash and stretch your character as much as needed during animation.

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