How to rig with muscles

Was a while ago I was here, did not know I had an account :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, how can I rig a character, in this case a velociraptor, so that I can make the neck shake a litle when the raptor is shaking its head?
The same thing is seen in a lot of youtube videos where a t-rex shakes its head.
It is shown here at around 0:06 (All credits goes to youtube user skif3d).
Would appreciate if someone knew if there was any tutorial on how to do that in Blender, spent a few hours on google without finding anything :frowning:

Thanks in advance

I don’t know if there’s a tutorial on that, and I don’t think that video was made in blender, because blender has no native support for that (I think max and maya do)
However, I remember messing around with muscles, just adding a new bone (not connected) at the place where a muscle is supposed to be, parent it to the actual “bone” and then weight paint the area that should be affected by the muscle, then use scale on your muscle bone.
It’s a lot of work that has be done by hand throughout the entire animation, but maybe someone could write a python script, that edit the bone’s scale just depending on the angle of nearby bones.

I tried adding biceps to my donald duck model and the result’s not too bad: (realtime example recorded with camstudio)
If you pause enough, it’s easy to follow (i guess)

Hmm, that would require alot of work to make it work. But it would give the most controll over it thouge. Maybe it would be enuge to just have a few small bones, maybe I shall test ut out :slight_smile:
I will post the results here if I get it to work.

Wish me good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I think using a StrechTo constrain would be your best bet. Take the following setup:

          Bone D (its TrackTo target is Bone C)

Bone A->Bone B->Bone C

Bone D would be a child of Bone A but would not be connected.

Hope this helps!

Hmm could you make a example blend file, I am affraid I don’t understand how you mean Krisnack.

I tried what krisnack said and it works quite well!
updated: removed 2 completely pointless bones and added some rotation limits

I have been testing around a litle and I think I have began to get it somewhat like I want it. Still got some problems thouge. If you guys check the attached blend file (2.5) and start the animation, you can see the whole thing start to woble a litle due to softbody. What I want is just the underside (viewd from front view) to wobble and the rest to be stationary, without any distorsions. This is the closest I have goten it to so far.


muscletest.blend (193 KB)

That’s easily done with a vertex group, just like you did:yes:
still, no offense, but how is this related to muscles in blender?
I’ve done another small test on my donald duck armature, and the muscle in the upper arm now works automatically :smiley:

Maybe I got the title wrong, had no clue on what to call it :stuck_out_tongue:
Made a youtube video on how it looks now:
What I am trying to figure out now is to make it look a litle better.

You can go into weight paint and make the vertex group more “smooth”
I assume this is the kind of result you want to achieve: not my vid :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it works better when the entire mesh is in the vertex group “solid” and the free parts have low weights painted.
Further if don’t enable the edge springs there are no surface waves propagating.

friedcoke: Yes that is exactly the thing I want to reproduce :slight_smile:
In fact I have commented that video asking what software is used, hopeing the author will
answer :stuck_out_tongue:

bjornmose: That was an idea, shall try that. Shall I not have “Edge Springs” enable or shall I have it

Doesn’t look like it was made in blender, but I’m sure blender can do this, right?

Read up on this post:

Also follow the link in the last post there by jpbouza to his work on zeppam. I don’t know if it is possible to achieve the effects of that youtube video of the chest & arm in the link posted by friedcoke.

Anyway, that’s some related info, perhaps reading through it will help spawn new ideas…


It is like Endi says:
“Blender sucks!”
Get a pro package!

nickclaw: In the test I did I used softbodies, still have to clean it up.

bjoenmose: I don’t belive that Blender sucks at all and I will not get a “pro package” since I don’t have the need for one. I am happy as it is with Blender.

Have you already seenthis? I believethisis related thread.

friedcoke: Yes I have seen BlenRig 3, it’s an very impressive rig. But I don’t seem to do the same thing I want to achive here unfortionally.