How To Rip/Tear Cloth?

Hi All,

Just wondering how to setup a mesh so I can simulate cloth tearing or ripping. Are there any AddOns or tools for that task?

hmm not as afar as i know there are no such an add on.
So i think you need to manually split your mesh into multiple objects, and then (having all collision objects set), put some movement in them, look how people render towels in blender on youtube, from there you might get the picture on how to move the 'towl’like ripped part.

The problem with this is, is that you cannt do it any random time, your render will be for a specific moment, till that moment keep the clothing as a whole with the cloth modifiers, and… be carefull for grafvity once your sub-object(s) gets teared…
maybe you will need a new sub-object for each tear

Yeah… I would like to have this feature as well…

I had some success with the following process:

  • Run a cloth simulation on the intact cloth
  • Duplicate the cloth, apply the cloth simulation to the copy
  • Split the copy with the knife tool where you want the tear to appear
  • Add a new cloth simulation and run it to show the “post-tear” evolution of the cloth
  • Use keyframes to set the objects’ visibility so that the intact cloth appears in the earlier frames and the torn cloth appears in the later frames

For gradually tearing cloth you will need to repeat this process several times.

It’s not as nice as having tearing built in to the cloth simulation system, but the above process works well in certain situations.

Thanks for the work flow tips. I’ll have to give it a try.