How to roll back... remodel something... and come back?

Hi All,

I have found some idiotical situation(at least for me): when I have started some modelling an object, I did not realise that I should been add some additional mesh in the first couple steps… and now I need to go back too deep… Are you guys have some special tips for such particular case, like mine? How to roll it back many steps, make some changes, and quickly return at last point? I clearly understand, that in some cases it’s impossible…, but still hoping… :o)


Unfortunately, that’s not possible in Blender at the moment, you’ll just have to suffer, or start modelling again.

Ok, it sounds bad… but perhaps somebody knows some trick, how to prevent such roll back too far…?

save and reload

blender saves really quickly compared to the “high end” apps, and loads just about as fast.

when you save if you press the numpad + it will increment the number on the end of the filename [before the .blend], and numpad - will decrement it.

also, control+w will save over and rename the previous save to .blend1 [and you can set to save more backups, so the previous .blend1 gets renamed to .blend2 and so on, instead of being deleted]

furthermore, control+o will reload the current file

Thank you so much!!!