How to roll the viewport?

I’ve been searching for an hour, but I can’t seem to find how to do this. I’ve found some workarounds, but they seem to be awkward, especially when this seems like something that should be simple, and would make it much more comfortable to do some parts of work.

What do you mean by roll the viewport ? What version of blender are you using ?


I mean rotating the “camera” around the axis that goes to the direction it is facing, without moving it.

With camera view and with the camera selected R Z Z rotates the camera around its view axis

Yes, but how to rotate the viewport like that when not in camera view?

You can use the ‘Lock Camera to View’ option in the properties panel to use the viewport as the camera view or use trackball input. There is no keyboard shortcut like there is for rotating around the z axis.

You can try to use numpad 4 and 6 to rotate along a vertical axis by increments.
numpad 2 & 8 will rotate along the horizontal axis facing the viewport.
The incrementation angle can be changed in the user preferences (Ctrl+Alt+U), in the Interface tab, under View Manipulation.

CTR-ALT scroll

I know both of those, I’ve been dabbling on blender for a long time, I’m asking about the third axis.

It seems a bit weird to me this doesn’t seem to be possible without awkward workarounds, since this seems like something that would make many situations a lot more comfortable to work in. Maybe I’m just not accustomed enough to work without it?

wonderiong the same for 3 axis ?

but seems it is rotating around the screen axis not 3D world
so there is only 2 axis X and Y of the screen !

but wish this was rotatign around the world too with 3 axis

Does it work, while in camera view, to press r+z to lock rotation to the z axis? Of course this only rotate the camera, which might not be what you want. :confused:

I just keep holding middle mouse button and dragging the 3d view until it’s orientated as I want it…

Ah right ! It was along the axis that shoots out from the screen, apologies… :wink:
Well the only thing that I think of is to somehow manage to get to top view and use num4&6 (which I guess is your workaround) or use @Richard Marklew’s camera trick.
Let me know though if you find another way/script, it’s always interesting to learn little tricks ^^

or you can shift f in camera view and basically fly your camera around …

i use the mmb alot as well and i understand your problem :smiley:

Select the camera and then press “0” to go into the viewport mode.

Press “R” and move the mouse to rotate the scene.

If you want to pivot the rotation around the camera press “R” and then press MMB and move the mouse to rotate the camera while looking at the scene.

Don’t forget to press LMB (left click) when you have the camera in the position and rotation you like to lock it in.

I hope this is is what you’re after.

PS: You can also use “G” to grab the camera and then move the mouse around to move the camera while looking in the viewport. If you press MMB after pressing “G” you can move the camera towards or away from the center of the scene creating a sort of zooming effect.

select front view and with keypad keys 8-2 you can rotate around X axis
or with 4-6 around Z axis

now to rotate around Y axis go to side view and use the 8-2 keys

hope it helps

another trick but don’t remember how to

select a face on object then select viewport function of face selected and the object will come into viewport normal to that face
but don’t know in 2.5 which short keys you need for this ?

I’m not sure, but is trackball rotation (in preferences somewhere) what you are looking for?

—This is what I understood it was all about…move the mouse with middle button pressed…you will rotate the viewport alongside the movement of your mouse…

you can use MMB to rotate but this is not as per main global Axis !

happy 2.6